EZ Bar Close-Grip Preacher Curls

EZ Bar Close-Grip Preacher Curls

Primary muscle group(s): Biceps

Secondary: Forearms

Set up a preacher curl bench making sure that the seat is set at the right height for you.
The seat shouldn’t be so low that you need to raise your shoulders,
or so high that you need to lean over the support pad.
Rest your arms on the support pad with your triceps near the top and your elbows midway down the pad.
Grip the EZ curl bar with an underhand inside close-grip width.
Curl the bar in towards your chin and upper chest in a single smooth arc.
Hold for a count of one.
Lower the bar by extending your arms back to the starting position.

Notes: This exercise is designed to isolate and focus attention on the biceps.
Therefore, resistance is stronger at the start of each repetition.
So when you begin each repetition, don’t “swing” your arms to move the weight.

By returning to the start position slowly, you are keeping tension on the bicep working it in both directions.
This exercise can also be performed a pair of dumbbells or using one arm at a time.

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