Stiff Legged Barbell Deadlifts

Stiff Legged Barbell Deadlifts

Primary muscle group(s): Hamstrings

Secondary: Abs, Glutes & Hip Flexors, Lower Back

To avoid injury, keep your back and torso straight at all times throughout this movement.

Place a barbell on the floor and stand facing it with your feet shoulder width apart,
toes pointing forward and your knees slightly bent. This is the start position.
As you exhale, bend at the waist keeping your back straight and knees slightly bent until you feel tension in your hamstrings.
Grasp the barbell with an overhand grip.
Your arms should be fully extended with your hands spaced shoulder width apart.
Lift the barbell by extending your hips and waist in a smooth action until you have returned to the upright position, inhaling as you do so. Pause for a count of 1-2.
Return the barbell to the floor or just above it by repeating step two.

Notes: This exercise can be performed using dumbbells or a straight bar attached to the low pulley of a cable station.

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