Weighted Bench Dips

Weighted Bench Dips

Primary muscle group(s): Triceps

Secondary: Calves, Glutes & Hip Flexors, Shoulders

Warning: You may need a spotter to help you with this exercise. Trying to place the weight in your own lap once in position can cause instability and increase the risk of injury. Have your spotter remain with you throughout your set to ensure the weights don’t slide off causing injury.

Set up 2 flat benches opposite each other.
They should be roughly the distance of your hips to the floor apart.
Stand with your back to one bench, facing the other, then crouch down placing your palms behind you on the edge of the bench.
Your arms should be fully extended at shoulder width, with your fingers facing forward.
Place the heels of your feet on the other bench. Keep your legs fully extended.
Have a spotter place a barbell weight plate or dumbbell on your lap. This is the start position.
Slowly lower yourself down by bending your elbows, until they are at 90 degrees or slightly less. Hold for a count of one.
Return to the starting position by pushing yourself up using only your triceps to straighten your arms. Hold then repeat

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